Educutional Process

The main key to successful organization of the activities of the Medical University of St. Theresa is the implementation of effective programs on behalf of the managerial staff of the university which take into consideration not only the rich experience of the educational institutions of our country, but also the principles of American, Italian, and Dutch institutions.

Here students are given the opportunity to receive not only theoretical knowledge necessary for a medical worker, but also acquire practical skills in different medical institutions. In particular, the practical studies are conducted in “Armenia” Medical Centre, “Shengavit” Medical Centre, Dental Polyclinic N5, Chemistry Institute after A.L. Mnjoyan, “White Lavender” pharmacy, Dental Centre after Professor G.M. Eghiazaryan. The university also pays great attention to teaching foreign languages, and therefore our graduates are being able to speak fluently also Russian and English languages and to work in the CIS and in other foreign countries. The university also regularly organizes charitable meetings, parties, conferences, reports, concerts, as well as other events aimed at taking care of the orphans, elderly and other social groups. The university is planning to:

  • Organize educational/practical lectures and workshops, practical courses, course papers and degree works, pass-examinations as well as state examinations in all the disciplines according to the schedule. Based on the results of the studies and the state examinations the students are awarded with the corresponding qualifications and state diplomas.
  • Provide the students with necessary space for the practical lessons as well as with the teaching and methodological materials and highly qualified pedagogical staff.
  • Give students consultations regarding their choice of profession specifications according to the curriculum.
  • Provide the students with necessary educational materials, handouts, articles, normative acts and other information.
  • Organize teaching and probation abroad in those institutions with which the university cooperates, at the expenses of the student.


The Medical University of St. Theresa has its own 5-storeyed building in the heart of the city. On the first floor of the building one can find a dental clinic and a polyclinic which are equipped with the modern facilities and have the best specialists providing highly qualified services.

In the basement there is a specialized sports gym for powerlifting and shaping that serves both to the students of the university and to other athletes who would like to be trained there.

On the second floor there is a library, a canteen and some administrative offices. The office of the rector is situated on the third floor. The rest of the building area has numerous rooms equipped for practical and theoretical lessons.

Academic Assessment

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