Our Aims

The number of students and alumni of the Medical University of St. Theresa is growing year by year. The university provides its students with the best opportunities available to make great careers in the future and to become perfect specialists for our motherland. The methods of teaching at this educational institution prove that a medical worker should be considered a qualified specialist if he can cure not only the body, but also the soul of the patient. Such are the alumni of the Medical University of St. Theresa. Education is a difficult but a noble work.

The University Today

During the three recent years of its activities the Medical University of St. Theresa has achieved considerable positive results. This speaks about the fact that the methods of scientific and pedagogical education are chosen correctly and fully correspond to the social and medical objectives that have been set before the university. The university has reached this success thanks to the study and practical investment of the primary scientific and educational experience of our republic as well as of the CIS and some other foreign countries.

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